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Launching a Game on

My wife and I have been trying for the last couple of months, and it worked so well, I wanted to see if we could start a game as the Uncovering Intimacy community.  I know I have plenty of readers who are looking to be

A year of marriage challenges – Completed?

Can you believe the year of marriage challenges is over?  I hardly can.  So, I bet a lot of people are wondering “What’s next?” and some more want to know “Where can I get a list of all the challenges?”

Week 52: 7 Days of Sex Challenge

Well, here we are with the final challenge for our year of marriage challenges.  To finish it off, my last challenge is to have sex seven days in a row! So, why would you want to do this?

Week 51 – Have sex somewhere new

Wow, two weeks left in our year of marriage challenges!  If you’re just joining us, don’t worry, we’ll be releasing them all as a resource later on.  During the year I’ve challenged you to have sex: In the bathroom In the kitchen In the living

A year of marriage challenges

Monogamy doesn’t need to result in monotony.  I firmly believe that, even if the world tries to tell us otherwise.  Too often we see in movies, hear from comedians, and even from other Christians, that marriage gets stale after decades of being with one sexual