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Intimacy is Risky

Intimacy is risky.  No, I don’t mean like having sex outdoors, I mean actual intimacy, even if it’s not physical.  Because true intimacy requires vulnerability, and vulnerability is … well, being vulnerable.  And unfortunately, the more intimate we are, the more vulnerable we are, and

How do I deal with an abusive spouse?

I received this question almost a week ago from our anonymous Have A Question page: When we first got together my husband was a reasonable lover in that he seemed to care about my needs somewhat. He quickly turned into a raging bull, satisfying only

How do you get a marriage annulment?

I received this question from our anonymous Have A Question page about a week ago: My wife and I are committed Christians, but have not yet been able to go all the way in our marriage. I believe that I should wait, but getting the

Can you have sex during your period?

We’re currently running a survey on period sex (if you haven’t filled it out, please do so), and the responses have been fascinating.  It’s fun to skim through the comments people have written to see the wide variety of opinions and practices.  One that comes up

Period Sex Survey

A while ago, I received a question about sex during menstruation from our anonymous Have A Question page: How many couples have sex while the wife is on her period? My husband and I have been married for almost 8 years. The idea of having

Do you need to have regular date nights?

One of the most common pieces of advice I hear from the marriage community is to have a regular weekly, or at worst, monthly, date night.  A regular night where you get out of the house and spent time together with just the two of

Do Christians shave their pubic hair?

For those of you who have filled out the survey (and if you didn’t, you still can here), you know that one of the reasons I ran the survey was because someone made the comment: [My wife] claims that NO ONE does that every week,

What do you do if sex is painful?

Yesterday I wrote a post dealing with a question I’d received from our anonymous Have A Question page.  The post was on whether or not a marriage can survive without sex.  But, there was another question within the one comment that I wanted to address,

Can a marriage survive without sex?

I received this question from our anonymous Have A Question page about a week ago: Can a Christian marriage survive without it ever once being consummated? My wife and I had pain issues in every attempt to consummate our relationship. We stopped trying altogether about

Sex when the kids are home

I received this question about a week ago from our anonymous Have A Question page: For the longest time I have been the low drive spouse but as my heart and mind changes in becoming the higher drive spouse. Well my husband is getting older